Things I Once Wanted ...

When I was young, I maintained an ever fresh list of potential careers that impressed - at the time. There were some commonalities: use of large or unusual equipment; authority to halt games, traffic or adults at will; and no need to work as part of a team.

  • Zamboni driver
  • Italian or French traffic cop in a piazza
  • Runway model handler/stager
  • Fixed gear bike courier
  • That guy with the fluorescent wands at the airport
  • Tennis umpire ("quiet please!")
  • Large backhoe operator
  • Mr. Hand, American History Teacher
  • Streetlight repair truck operator
  • The guy who indicates a successful conversion in Australian Rules Football
  • Escalator repairman

I now realize there are similar jobs in the professional world. Jobs that are fulfilling and rewarding - and do not interest me in the least:

  • Meeting facilitator
  • Wedding Master of Ceremonies
  • Working Group chair
  • Head Volunteer at a Primary School field trip
  • Front end reception at Cracker Barrel
  • Bouncer

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