Brand loyalty that leads to smuggling

Hoooo eeeeee! There's some bootleggin' going on! The fine folks of Dublin, Texas stil make Dr. Pepper with cane sugar - the only bottler in the United States to continue producing the quirky drink this way. Problem is, their distributions rights are limited to the 40 miles around the plant.

We all know what that means - the locals are moving crate after crate out of the bottling plant, selling it bottle by bottle in corner stores and gas stations.

It's like Smokey and the Bandit, but at a much smaller scale.

20 cases per individual, only available at the plant. And $7.89 for a six-pack of 8 ounce bottles.

"Hey! You lookin? You lookin for a snoot-full of the earthy aroma, the tangy yet fizzy bite of an old-fashioned soft drink? Just come back here, and bring your money with you."

More details at the Dallas Observer.