Billy Mays - the poor man's rich man

In the Orlando Weekly, the story of how Billy Mays ended up in a millionaire's mansion by working his pitch, becoming a master at selling cleaning products and kitchen gimmicks.

“Here’s the big myth. I can tell you this,” he says. “I spend a lot of money. My bills are outrageous. I make great money, but compared to my mortgage? I need $50,000 a month just to crack the nut here. This place is $20,000 a month just to make the mortgage and everything. I do make a lot of money, but I spend a lot of money to help keep up this lifestyle. There’s this big lore about what I make, like, ‘He’s a billionaire!’ But I’m not. Sure, I make over a million dollars.”

... “When I was on the road, when Billy Mays didn’t know that I was famous, I’d be drinking martinis,” he says. “I’d be so hammered the next day and I’d have to go and appear somewhere. But the thing was, any hint of that would come out, I put myself in jeopardy. It looks bad.

“The only thing that can hurt Billy Mays,” he adds, “is Billy Mays.”