Your Facebook friends are worth 37 cents

Burger King will give you a coupon for a free Whopper if you drop 10 Facebook Friends.

... “It’s a good excuse to get rid of old girlfriends and their families on my account and get a Whopper out of it,” [Willie Vanderheyden, 31, a graduate student in Missouri] said in a phone interview. “There are so many people on Facebook that I haven’t talked to in a long time that getting rid of 10 of them who are pretty much meaningless in my daily life isn’t going to be a big deal.” ... (NYT)

Eventually, this sort of promotion will be presented as part of a "spring cleaning routine" - it's obvious that we're less than discriminating when adding people to our many social networks, and we are especially reluctant to cut any of them out. It's kind of like letting the class nerd sign your yearbook.

We'll need some sort of organized ritual to prompt the cleansing of our social network, a virtual identity reality check. Maybe there will be B2C material to smooth the process, like "Drop a Friend Day" appearing as a footnote in those little calendars dropped in your mailbox by real estate agents, to make us feel comfortable about the heartless evaluation and execution of dozens of online cyphers we have never met in real life.

And if there's the additional benefit of free processed cattle sandwiches? Pure gravy on the deal, baby!