Monkey Metrics

The Santa Ana city zoo has a problem. It was built on land donated by a city founder, on the condition the zoo have 50 monkeys on site at all times. Problem is, sometimes monkeys slip off this mortal coil. This from the Los Angeles Times:

" ... "You can't just go to Monkeys-R-Us or EBay to get monkeys," said Kent Yamaguchi, interim director at the city zoo. ..."

" ... A prominent lawyer and land baron, Prentice kept monkeys and a gibbon in his 16-room mansion nearby, giving them such unfettered reign that he had trouble holding on to housekeepers. The home site is now an Elks Lodge. ..."

" ... "While we were dipping down below that number, Yamaguchi said, "we knew there were two in the oven." ..."

" ... As of this week, exactly 50 monkeys reside at the zoo, among them howler monkeys, spider monkeys, an emperor tamarin sporting a long, white handlebar mustache, and a Pygmy marmoset, one of the world's smallest monkeys, weighing in at only a quarter of a pound. ..."

" ... And, [the family's] attorney has cautioned, the family will not accept any substitutes; "any form of lemurs or apes are not monkeys under any zoological definition." ..."