why not try Brand WE

Hey social media douche. Stop worrying about monetizing things and building brand awareness. Your life shouldn't be measured by the comments you plant and your own mainstream media mentions. Give up on Brand Me and try a little Brand We.

"  ... contestational designers challenge the way that design is positioned relative to the broader society in which it operates. Contestational designers are openly partisan practitioners who take sides in pressing issues of the day. They are neither objective designers nor hired guns -- images that continue to dominate the technical development commmunity.

Contestational designers are autonomous agents, striving to unleash the full potential of their powers to advance agendas to which they are personally committed. Their collaborators are neither clients nor consumers, but full partners committed to ongoing struggles for human rights and social justice. The work may be unpaid, but it is deeply rewarding. As such, it should be an inspiration to designers everywhere."

- Tad Hirsch, Learning from Activists: Lessons for Designers, Interactions magazine