Shop fronts and door frames

I'm still ripping voraciously through the social, economic and psychological links between a temporary but personal location and more historically resonant locales. I figure I've got an interesting paper developing, somewhere among the many other ideas bouncing around in my head.

"... Economics is revealed in shop fronts and history in door frames ..." David Byrne - Bicycle Diaries

There are two factors that have kept me away from the blog, one leading from the other:

- Over the past six to nine months, I've made a conscious attempt to concentrate on the materials and topics more relevant to my everyday work. That's things like social and legal concepts of privacy,the collection and use of data points and personal information, how information is integrated into advertising and marketing campaigns, and how to use social media effectively as a corporate tool in a government environment.

- I've been using Twitter a lot more.

I'll be returning here more frequently (hell, it can't be LESS frequent), but the subjects covered may be evolving.

If I was a personal branding consultant, I might call the process a "repositioning of my brand and an expansion of my niche of expertise."

But I'm not.

Thank God.